Savannah Film Festival Marketing


More than 40,000 people attended the 2010 Savannah Film Festival for two weeks of more than 200 films, glittering events with celebrities, opportunities for students to meet and learn from professionals, and an influx of international press.  In 2010 marketing centered on the iconic Savannah Film Fest logo and the world of awe, joy, sorrow and even fear entered when viewing a great movie.  Student models were recruited to illustrate the emotions generated.  These visuals were used across an integrated marketing platform that included advertising, event signage, social media, PR, an an iPhone app.

An important secondary goal was to generate buzz for the festival as a legitimate part of the fim fest circuit.  We recruited well-known media bloggers to visit the event and tell their experience.  In addition to media bloggers, we also recruited students who were majoring in film, local community leaders, and even some of the celebrities that were visiting Savannah to blog about their experience at the Festival.  “Voices of the Savannah Film Festival” included a blog integrated into the event website, an iPhone app, and partnerships with industry media such as Variety and to raise the Festival’s national profile.

The integrated campaign was chosen Best in Show by the Addys.

November 10, 2010