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    So We Built This Giant Stethoscope….

    Giant 3-D Billboard

    Harbin Clinic was once thought of as the respectable, somewhat stuffy doctors in town.  We also are outspent by our two local hospitals by a huge percentage, but when the marquee billboard in the center of town on top of a bridge became available, we jumped on it.  Everyone in town tells us they love it.  Even better, their kids love it.  Even better, our physicians and their kids love it.  Score Harbin as fun, […]

    December 15, 2016
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    A New Superhero: Flu Fighter

    Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.09.31 PM

    Northwest Georgia is hit hard by the flu every year, and Harbin Clinic has almost always been one of the top providers of flu shots. We tend to think that all our primary care patients will automatically come to Harbin for a flu shot. Recent years have seen two important trends that caused us to focus on the flu. First, competition is heating up and less expensive flu shots can get obtained in urgent care […]

    May 2, 2016
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    Healthcare App Gives Patients Exactly What They Want: Info (Anytime, Anywhere)

    Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 7.03.13 PM

    In 2016 Harbin Clinic launched an app aimed at current patients who have multiple Harbin Clinic physicians, locations or specialties managing their care. With the very specific purpose of giving patients one place to keep phone numbers and maps, the simple Harbin Clinic app uses the same physician database that drives the website, making it easy for the marketing department to update. “Search” is extremely robust, and patients can filter results by location, medical specialty, […]

    April 17, 2016
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    Amazon Operation “Holiday Smile”

    DSC_5252 (1)

    In 2015 Amazon retained me to plan and market a holiday event that provided children of active duty service men and women a message of love from their missing parent, toys via the Amazon Prime Now service, and an avalanche of publicity. With just two weeks to plan, execute and market an event for 75 children and families, I created an event plan, managed details like gift purchase and finding the best Santa around, negotiated […]

    January 27, 2016
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    Grownup Love – My “Sister-Wife”

    Tongiht I went to dinner with my husband, my stepdaughter…. and her mom (so my husband’s ex-wife).  And, it was her birthday! The thing is I really like her.  She’s a genuinely nice and interesting person. I think of her as a friend, as well as my stepdaughter’s mom. People often talk about how amazingly we all get along and how we should teach classes on how to be a good extended, modern family! I […]

    January 4, 2016
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    Learning to love 50

    Since I work in the medical profession these days, I know the importance of preventative screening.  The current thinking is that 40 percent of colon cancers could be reduced by a colonoscopy.  Take a look at this article from CBS News.  If all I have to do is drink some vaguely disgusting stuff, send my husband downstairs to watch a football game and spend the evening enthroned in my bathroom, I”ll do it. Lots of my friends […]

    December 4, 2015
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