Healthcare App Gives Patients Exactly What They Want: Info (Anytime, Anywhere)

Harbin Clinic App:  Unique Purpose for Patient Convenience App Designed to Echo Website Modern Colors, Design

In 2016 Harbin Clinic launched an app aimed at current patients who have multiple Harbin Clinic physicians, locations or specialties managing their care. With the very specific purpose of giving patients one place to keep phone numbers and maps, the simple Harbin Clinic app uses the same physician database that drives the website, making it easy for the marketing department to update.

“Search” is extremely robust, and patients can filter results by location, medical specialty, and name.  Once they find a provider, specialty or city they want to keep, they save in their own list of favorites, called “My Care Team.”  Patients love “My Care Team,” which works even when offline (important in Northwest Georgia where connectivity can be spotty).  “Connect” provides a social media stream, while “Latest News” pulls directly from blog content on the Harbin Clinic website. Lastly, “Patient Portal” provides a convenient link for patients to log in and make appointments, send their provider an email, and check test results.

November 17, 2017