Harbin Clinic Website

Building a website for a company with an overall brand, 40 or so sub-brands, and 140 different owners in seven different locations can be tough. Launched in 2014, harbinclinic.com grows from strength to strength through our fresh content that flows through the site daily, the ease of search for our consumers and newbies, a responsive design that ensures the viewer experience is just as great on mobile and desktop, and a clean design with “surprise and delight visuals.

More than 500,000 visitors find their info on harbinclinic.com each month.

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We post event info, health advice, stories about patients and their physicians, and new campaigns to influence consumer behavior every week on our fabulous front page blog. We write everything with a modern, approachable tone, and our design is clean and we are proud of details like how every image for the blog has a tiny bit “outside the frame” of the digital design so that the post feels more energetic and connected to the rest of the site.

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No two people search for info in exactly the same way. That’s why we built Health Topics. You can search for heart health on our site, and aside from the department, the physicians who practice cardiology and any individual stories we’ve written in the past, you can also find this fun section — which creates a knowledge base for you so you can explore how anything Harbin does can help you improve your heart health.

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Social media. The world lives on it. We created a custom view for ours so that anyone can see each social post from Harbin Clinic right from our homepage. It really encourages followers. Plus, it looks cool.

December 22, 2018