About Me

I’m the daughter of a farmer.  That probably explains my work ethic. It’s the same forScreen Shot 2015-10-24 at 10.22.19 PM
farming as marketing – work hard and you reap the harvest.

I’m one of the only persons I know who has had the good fortune to work on one brand — Russell Athletic — at both an advertising agency, and on the corporate side as a Director of Marketing.

And my experience has been broad — I’m just as comfortable with advertising as with public relations.  I’ve architected websites and populated them with copy.  I’ve built iPhone applications.  I manage events and photo shoots.  I can write a book or a brochure.  I can manage a behemoth project with ease.

I’ve created this site so you can see (this farmer’s daughter can’t resist) the fruits of my labor.


So We Built This Giant Stethoscope….

Giant 3-D Billboard

Harbin Clinic was once thought of as the respectable, somewhat stuffy doctors in town.  We also are outspent by our two local hospitals by a huge percentage, but when the marquee billboard in the center of town on top of a bridge became available, we jumped on it.  Everyone in town tells us they love it.  Even better, their kids love it.  Even better, our physicians and their kids love it.  Score Harbin as fun, […]