About Me

I’m the daughter of a farmer.  That probably explains my work ethic. It’s the same forScreen Shot 2015-10-24 at 10.22.19 PM
farming as marketing – work hard and you reap the harvest.

I’m one of the only persons I know who has had the good fortune to work on one brand — Russell Athletic — at both an advertising agency, and on the corporate side as a Director of Marketing.

And my experience has been broad — I’m just as comfortable with advertising as with public relations.  I’ve architected websites and populated them with copy.  I’ve built iPhone applications.  I manage events and photo shoots.  I can write a book or a brochure.  I can manage a behemoth project with ease.

I’ve created this site so you can see (this farmer’s daughter can’t resist) the fruits of my labor.


Commonsense Research: With a computer, a curious mind and an investment of time to investigate and think — you win

Here is a simple way to vault ahead of other people or employees when looking for a job or accomplishing an assignment. It works well as a differentiator for anyone at any level in an organization. Or for someone seeking the opportunity to join an organization. It is a puzzle when prospective interns and new employees don’t thoroughly review the company and the people with whom they are interviewing. When a graduate seeking an entry-level […]