A New Superhero: Flu Fighter

Northwest Georgia is hit hard by the flu every year, and Harbin Clinic has almost always been one of the top providers of flu shots. We tend to think that all our primary care patients will automatically come to Harbin for a flu shot. Recent years have seen two important trends that caused us to focus on the flu. First, competition is heating up and less expensive flu shots can get obtained in urgent care facilities and retail clinics. Second, CMS has begun watching the rate at which we administer flu shots to our patients. With compeition and reimbursement on a collision course, Harbin Clinic decided to solidify our position within the community as the flu experts, and remind patients that we can protect them from flu as part of their total wellness.

We created an integrated campgian led by an uplifting video featuring “Flu Fighter” that ran in waiting rooms, and on Facebook and our website. We also had the month of October designated as “Flu Prevention Month” by the local governments in six of the 11 counties we cover. A blog, a poster, a radio spot and a rack card completed the integrated program.

This campaign recieved an award of merit from the 2016 Healthcare Advertising Awards.

May 2, 2017